Corporate Production Portfolio

Leon Films has worked with numerous international brands to deliver high-quality video production for them in areas ranging from Commercial Advertisements to Real Estate Videos. Check the "Services" tab to see what we can do for you.

  • Christian Louboutin

    World famous designer Christian Louboutin, yes the one's with the red soles hired us for this successful online video campaign.

  • Feeld Dating App

    An online commericial that reached over 250,000 people, for Feeld, an LGBTQ+ friendly dating app with 20 different gender options and growing.

  • House of Spells

    A commericial created for the launch opening of Leicester Square's new collectibles store, The House of Spells

  • Jean-Patrique Cookware

    Product videos and photography for Jean-Patrique Cookware

  • Marlborough Gallery

    A walkthrough tour of the "Colony Sound" exhibit in the Marlborough Gallery, London in Mayfair

  • Project Counterslice

    A Special Comedy Sketch with Jean Patrique Cookware parodying dramatic first person video games with a cooking twist

  • Real Estate Property Videos

    Property Estate Video created for Property Estate Agents in London and the surrounding areas

  • Scores Matter

    Scores Matter is an online data and credit check application. They empower consumers with the ability to understand, manage and improve their digital footprint.

  • The Tensegrity Coach

    The Tensegrity Coach is a program set up by Chris Mortee to help people with Posture Difficulty and Rheumatoid Arthritis through physical training, nutrition and lifestyle.

  • Zalando

    Zalando hired us to do an influence interview style campaign with Rain Dove, comparing their life growing up in rural farmland to living the cosmopolitan life of a city dweller.




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