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Project Counterslice

A Special Comedy Sketch with Jean Patrique Cookware parodying dramatic first person video games with a cooking twist


"Counterslice" is a special first-person cooking adventure that we had the pleasure of creating in collaboration with Jean Patrique Cookware. The short film follows "The Chef" as he comes out of retirement to cook a three-course meal for a VIP, showcasing the exceptional quality and functionality of Jean Patrique cookware. Shot with multiple cameras, including a POV camera that immerses the viewer in the action, "Counterslice" takes the audience on a thrilling and mouth-watering culinary journey. From selecting the freshest ingredients to preparing each dish with precision, "The Chef" demonstrates the art and science of cooking with Jean Patrique's professional-grade cookware. This project was a true testament to the versatility and creativity of our team at Leon Films, and we are proud to have collaborated with such a prestigious brand like Jean Patrique.

We were excited to have a talented cast on board for "Counterslice." Bryan Forrest brought his extensive experience working in anime voice dubbing to the character of "The Chef", while a professional chef was cast to show the hands, while Jon Bailey provided his iconic voice-over skills as the "The General". Kelsey Ellison rounded out the cast with her vibrant personality and on-screen presence as Suzie the Souz Chef. Their performances helped to bring the story to life and make it a memorable and engaging experience for viewers. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such talented individuals on this project.

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