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Video Services

Leon Films works in B2B video production specialising in creating high quality, affordable, bulk filmed and repeatable videos for use with commercial ads, social media and internal video content.

These videos can be used to help companies grow, engage with their audience or whatever suits their specific needs.
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Show off who you are and what you do for your clients.
Live Events or Pre-Recorded for your needs.
Your Product demonstrated direct to the consumer.
Never be out of sight-out of mind.
Livecast your webinar to as many or as few as you want
Company Profiles



Your business needs a company profile to thrive. You've got your ideas and you're growing but what you really need is the most effective form of marketing - video. And the first and most important way to do it is by doing a Company Profile. What is a company profile video?


It is a video synopsis of who you are and what you do. What is great about you, why should the customer choose you, over your competition.  It's about your company as a whole and the value proposition you have. Think of when you go to the movies, and you see trailers for a movie and it gets you hyped up to see it when it is released in cinemas. You talk about it with your friends and colleagues, you chat about it online. A company profile is a broader version of that, it gets your customers hyped about your company and what you can do. We grab the viewer's attention in the first five sections so you don't miss out on anything. We will help craft a perfect script that streamlines your company's mission and what you can do for the customer.

But it's more than just an advert. Video isn't too different from old sales brochures, It's just more engaging and effective. By 2020 video will be 80% of internet traffic and studies show video has five times greater recall than text and as such it's much more effective at promoting your brand.  And once it's done, it's available digitally online, any time, anywhere for anyone time find.

You want your company to have a strong message, and a strong company profile is the perfect way by connecting you directly to the viewer and engaging them.



So, you've got a company that's experiencing solid growth and profits. You've decided to hold a corporate event. be it a public conference or a private party; you've found guest speakers or workshops and it's going to generate a lot of buzz and interest in your business when it happens. But what happens when it's over and done with, when everyone goes back to their lives and no-one can quite remember that epic speech you gave?


You don't want to be out of sight-out of mind, you need to have the event recorded so as many people as possible could see it in the future through your company's media pages, video reels and so you can show the highlights to any future customers or people googling you.

You need a professional video production company to record, edit and ensure the events were saved and branded with your logo, maybe even fully animated and customised for the event, to the highest quality without fault or error.

Think of it; you could release hours of new content to various potential clients, recruiters, and through social media giving you hours of branded marketing and search engine results so that when people are looking for hits your industry, they find you and how talented and smart you are at this event.

Like all video, it will bring in more business and help you generate greater profits than ever before, with which you could expand your business because; finally, word about you is spreading from the event, it's attendees and onward with a simple "check this out, I was there!" And you can do it for every major event so each time you do, you have an excellent professional video of your event to show off something fresh in the future and continue to show to the world, just how talented you really are.




Your company has a great product or service, of course it's great, if it wasn't; you wouldn't be trying to sell it. But every time you want to sell it you have to explain it to customers. It's easy for you but it takes up time.


That's why you need video - to sell your product in statistically the most engaging way available. You need us; a professional video production company to create a Product Demonstration Video, so you will have a permanent, easily digestible and engaging way of showing customers what your product or service does..

With it, customers will more easily be able to discern what they want as they can see what your product or service is - and they could find out at any time, any place as the video lived online. Customers become more engaged and thanks to video's five times higher recall, the product and the company began to sell more of the product and increase it's revenue and profits. With a video your great product will now truly sell itself.


Product Videos are engaging ways for the consumer to learn about your product and get interested in buying it, they help drive sales far better than any other form of advertisement for a product and will generate greater revenue as they are more engaging.

Product Video



Every business model serves an industry type; and every industry type has an audience - or else your business is just a personal hobby. People in your industry may never have even heard of you or know that what you're offering is exactly what they want - but they are looking for something in your industry. Your audience is searching high and low for the content they want because in the 21st century, content is king. Nowadays your content doesn't have to be just the work you produce as a service or your product.

That's why there is content marketing. Every second there are over 40,000 searches on and you need to stand out from the crowd with high quality content that is relevant to your industry. This can take a variety of forms from blogs to video series but the goal with content marketing is to show you know your industry to the people and through it, bring them directly to your website or social media channel. It builds trust, it builds brand awareness, and perhaps most importantly it attracts the exact kind of ideal buyer you are searching for - because they are organically searching for you, even if they don't know of you.

Your service or product is better served with content marketing because it keeps you out there with fresh new content that people are searching for, even if they're not directly looking for you. It is efficient, it is effective and if done correctly, it is evergreen - meaning no matter how many years in the future someone is searching, they can always find your content and come back to your latest product. And because it's not always your product, it's fresh and no-one feels "sold" to.

Content Marketing




Webinars and Internal Videos share a common thread; they're both about getting your views, ideas and talents out to a select subset or group of people. For this reason, we've put Webinars separate from Corporate Events, and together with Internal Videos.

With our Webinar service you can do presentations live across the planet from London to Los Angeles, New York to Hong Kong and when it's all said and done the highlights can be used as content marketing to boost brand awareness and trust with your clients and customers. Many companies including yourself may already hold seminars in person, but with our service, you can get the word out to a much larger audience, publicly or privately.

We do the same for high quality internal videos, be if for recruitment, education or simply a nice thank you video memo to your employees for the great work they do for you. We can put it all together and a lower price than regular video as there's no thought to greater distribution. Your private video can remain private and we can make sure only the people you want to see it, will see it.

Internal Videos
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