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House of Spells

A commericial created for the launch opening of Leicester Square's new collectibles store, The House of Spells


Our team at Leon Films was excited to work on such a unique project for House of Spells, a one-of-a-kind collectibles shop located in the heart of London. From the moment we walked into the store, we knew that we had to create a video that captured the magical feeling of the space. We decided to use a combination of drones, gimbals, and the famous Aputure Lightstorm setup with battery power to create a visually stunning and captivating video that truly brought the store to life.

Our team worked closely with the owners of House of Spells to understand their vision and bring it to life on screen. We wanted to showcase the incredible variety of collectibles available at the store, as well as the unique atmosphere that makes House of Spells such a special place. With our expert cinematography and attention to detail, we were able to create a video that perfectly captured the essence of the store and its fantastical offerings.

In addition to the main commercial, we also created several social media posts for platforms like Instagram and Facebook to promote the shop and its products. We're proud to have been a part of such a successful campaign that helped to bring the magic of House of Spells to a wider audience.

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