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Zalando hired us to do an influence interview style campaign with Rain Dove, comparing their life growing up in rural farmland to living the cosmopolitan life of a city dweller.


Zalando, one of the leading fashion and lifestyle e-commerce companies in Europe, turned to Leon Films to create a captivating interview-style campaign with Rain Dove, an influential activist, model and actor known for their work on and off the runway. The campaign aimed to explore the theme of identity and belonging, comparing Rain Dove's life growing up in a rural farmland to their experiences living as a city dweller in a cosmopolitan environment.

Our team worked closely with Zalando and Rain Dove to bring this campaign to life. We carefully crafted questions that delved deep into Rain Dove's personal journey, asking them to reflect on their upbringing, the challenges they faced growing up, and how they have adapted to living in different environments. We then artfully captured Rain Dove's candid and heartfelt responses in a visually stunning interview format.

As a result, the campaign achieved its goal of creating a powerful and thought-provoking conversation around identity and belonging. It also showcased Zalando's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and promoting a wide range of voices and perspectives. We are proud to have collaborated with Zalando and Rain Dove on this project, and to have produced a piece of content that resonated deeply with audiences.

Of interesting note was the requirement that this be fully shot in the vertical format so that it could be used on social media platforms, specifically Instagram Reels and TikTok.

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