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Leon Films is committed to telling original stories through varying mediums, our first original series was "My Life as a Video Game".

My Life as a Video Game is the story of Don DeWitt (Petros L. Ioannou) - an obsessive gamer who wishes his life could be easy as fun as the video games he masters. But one day he gets far more than he bargained for and finds himself pulled into an alternate reality where video games are real life and finds himself in the most absurd fight for his life ruled by the logic and reality of video games.


With the help of a fallen video-game space Princess named Kera Althorn (Jennifer Polansky), Don must fight he way through varying worlds and genres of video games from First Person Shooters like Call of Duty to Colourful Platformers like Super Mario and Fantasy RPGs like Skyrim and Final Fantasy - helping Kera and her snarky super-computer AI named M.E.N.U (YouTube star, Brent "Brentalfloss" Black) recruit the heroes and Champions of the various video game worlds together to take back her throne, defeat the evil video game villains in their way. and find a way home back to Earth for Don.

Leon Original Series
The Creatives


We are the Creatives, all of us - Leon Films and our Community of Creatives. If you take a photo, paint a picture, write a screenplay or produce a film, you're creating new worlds.

At the end of the day, Leon Films is a just a production company, but it's the creatives within and without that drive the engine of imagination. When we first founded our company it was about creating content we could deliver to you but it soon became more than that - it's now about what we can create with you, and how we can grow together as creatives. That's why our blog, "Leon Creatives" is an open submission blog, anyone can submit an article for review and potential posting - so long as it benefits the community of creatives we hope to foster here.


Though we specialise in film production here, we think that with the advent of the digital age and the vast knowledge and connections that the internet provides - the creative experience can be shared, ingested and harnessed like never before. Our motto is "Create New Worlds" not because we do that, but because it is a declarative statement, to ourselves and our community - to never stop creating and let your imaginations fly free.



We are constantly working on new ideas to develop and produce. While "My Life as a Video Game" was our first project and an ongoing one, we have multiple others in development.

Project Spectrum

Spectrum is a Sci-Fi Ensemble Drama about a group of hyper-intelligent but socially inept evolutionary offshoots of humanity, who fearing dangerous persecution decide to leave Earth and create a new civilization on an alien world. One hundred years later, their flourishing, intellectual but sterile society is interrupted by the arrival of the last surviving humans fleeing the destruction of Earth and a clash of cultures and societies begins the fight for the future of the human race.

The Grey Area

The Grey Area is a Fantasy anthology series in the vein of The Twilight Zone, featuring moral stories, what if scenarios but all set inside the same connected universe. Each episode will feature different stories sometimes with overlapping characters, themes or even protagonists.

Time Zones: NY2099

Time Zones: NY2099 is a Sci-Fi Cyberpunk series in the vein of Blade Runner and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. New York in the year 2099 is walled off to keep out non-New Yorkers from a plague. For fifty years, no one has left the city or had any contact with anyone outside it. The story follow Jacob, a private detective who finds himself pulled into an investigation when he meets a man who just hours ago, he solved the murder of.

Future Project
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