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Experience the afterlife like never before in this heartwarming comedy series on TikTok. We were honored to film special episodes, including the unforgettable finale, for Stephanie Booty's hit show. Join Masie as she falls for a ghost and navigates her haunted home in this fan-favorite series.

Step into the afterlife with Masie, the lovable protagonist of this wildly popular TikTok series. Created by and starring Stephanie Booty, who has over a million followers on the platform, the show has garnered tens of millions of views. We were thrilled to be a part of the production team that brought Masie's story to life, filming special episodes including the epic finale. Join Masie as she falls in love with the charming ghost Jonathan and navigates the many quirks of her haunted home in this heartwarming comedy series.

Project Numbers

30 MILLION + (Series Total)

Series Views

5.6 MILLION + (Series Total)

Series Likes

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