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Feeld Dating App

An online commericial that reached over 250,000 people, for Feeld, an LGBTQ+ friendly dating app with 20 different gender options and growing.


In 2019 we partnered with activist and model, Rain Dove for their campaign with Feeld. An LGBTQ+ friendly dating app with over 20 different gender identities to choose from. The campaign was based around the idea that "Going Out can feel like Coming Out". And so we discussed the idea with Rain who had had a lot of interesting dating adventures in the past where it feels like the first date or two are educational sessions- not because they wanted them to be but because the other person had so many questions. In a binary world- it can be complicated to be your true self and feel like true love is possible, so with Rain and Feeld we made this commercial advertisement that now has over 250,000 views on Instagram.

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